Light Up Any Room in Your Home

Light Up Any Room in Your Home

Contact us for lighting installation services in Brooks, Shively, Mt. Washington or Louisville, KY

If you'd like to add a new lighting fixture somewhere in your building or replace an existing light, contact Chill Electric, LLC. We offer lighting installation services in the Brooks, Mt. Washington & Louisville, Kentucky area.

Our experienced and knowledgeable electrician will safely add the lighting you need in your home or office. We install:

  • Basic lighting
  • Fancy lighting fixtures
  • Recessed lighting

Rely on our experienced professionals to install lighting fixtures in any room you want. Contact Chill Electric today for recessed lighting installation in Brooks, Shively, Louisville, or the surrounding KY area.

We'll take care of your light, switch and panel needs

You should install new lighting when you're renovating your home or you simply need more light in a given space. We'll install the proper wiring to ensure that the switches work and that your panels won't overload.

Call 502-294-7707 today to learn more about the recessed lighting installation process in Brooks, Shively & Louisville, KY.